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Bad news everybody!

Okay so this\'ll be short, but in all likelihood, I am going to be shutting this page down. It\'s expensive (very), and I do not think it\'s needed anymore given the success of, Abandonia, and a few others. I simply don\'thave the time to keep it up and running, nor can do I have the time to make it the kickass community that I think it needs to be. I tried to ping abandonia about taking it over, but I never got a response. if anyone else has any alternative ideas, drop me a line at admin at and we can figure something out.


More imports!

Doing another file import tomorrow. Should fix a lot more of the missing files. Gonna do some general maintenance as well and try to get the search stuff working a bit better. I have to wait for the backups to finish, so it'll be 24+ hours until I can get the changes in.