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Legacy of The Ancients
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
I remember watching my stepfather play this game as a child, long before I owned my very own C64. When I was finally allowed to play it years later I dove in with the zeal of a fanatic. I recently played this game on a C64 emulator. Even though I pretty much know how the game ends and all the secrets in between I still easily get carried away. If your the kind of person who loves content over graphics this is a game that should not be passed.

You are a shepherd who is charged with a mission to destroy the Wizard's Compendium. A nasty little scroll that can't fall into the wrong hands or the world is at stake. Over the course of the game you raise up in level, not by gaining experience, but by completing parts of the quest. It is an aspect that I think worked very well although the game is extremely outdated. Some may feel that the story line is similar to the save the world type adventures. But you have to realize that this game is one of the first ever video game RPGs. There were plenty that came before, but it was still a new concept as far as I can remember.

LOA has a top down world exploring phase as well as a first person view dungeon exploring phase. I always liked that because it gave you different aspects of exploring. I believe there are 3 or 4 dungeons with the first person plus a couple of dungeon like areas that are top down. I love exploring the castle, it was my favorite part.

Anyway I am not to good at writing reviews but I believe in this game even after 20 plus years. I hope you give this a try and like it. I would also recommend Wasteland for those who love the Fallout RPGs. And the LOA sequel, The Legend of Blacksilver which is about 4 times as big YAY!