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Armageddon Empires
Written by idiot2     June 06, 2009    
Armageddon Empires was one of the most pleasant surprises the indie game scene had in store for me in recent years. It is a game oozing with character: beautifully drawn cards, lost of room to customize your deck and a lot of suspense, as the player faces off against up to 3 AI controlled opponents. The various factions have some quite memorable heroes and units, the map conceals several nasty -and occasionally welcome- surprises and overall the game presents a most interesting world.

Lack of multiplayer is, indeed, a minus (although the upcoming Solium Infernum, Cryptic Comet's second title, promises to address that shortcoming) but, to me, the most serious drawback was the lack of a campaign. The two add-ons released for AE can make life quite hard for the player (and add tons of character in a game that already excels in this department), but once the scenario is over (and, sadly, as with all games where dices come into play, this can happen too soon sometimes, due to a few particularly lucky or unlucky casts) your veteran commanders, spies, assassins and troops return to the deck, from where they shall re-emerge as rookies for the next scenario.

Notwithstanding these two issues, Armageddon Empires is a truly original and well implemented strategy/card game and a thoroughly recommended title for anyone with a taste for post-apocalyptic warfare.