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Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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The world's first software about human rights, Amnesty Interactive is another outstanding CD-ROM from Voyager Company. Developed in conjunction with Amnesty International, the CD-ROM "...traces the progression of human rights from ancient times to the 20th century, through the ideas of noted thinkers and political figures. It is filled with a rich diversity of cultural styles in art and music, and there are many reference documents for teachers and students. Most affecting are the stories of former prisoners of conscience from Amnesty case files including Vaclav Havel, Paul Hill, and Hsiu-Lin Annette Lu whose articulate voices remind us that these are not remote Third-World issues."

In addition to an excellent short introductory film about human rights, Amnesty Interactive includes an atlas of human rights conditions throughout the world (with a comprehensive almanac-style profile for each country), a collection of stories featuring former "prisoners of conscience" from Amnesty International case files, a gallery of animation and portraits from leading photographers, and even a very nice soundtrack by famous world musicians. The CD-ROM even contains a good "What You Can Do" section that describes how you can help the cause, including video interviews with educators, activists and entertainers such as Peter Gabriel and Jackson Browne. Like all other Voyager releases, Amnesty Interactive is very easy to use and pretty to look at.

With a top-notch treatment of often-ignored subject, Amnesty Interactive combines Voyager's technical and scholarly expertise at making CD-ROMs with Amnesty International's sensibilities and compassion. Definitely one of the best programs ever made, and one that will touch you in more ways than one. For only ?15, you will not only get one of the most emotionally rivetting software ever made, but also help fund one of the world's most influential non-profit organizations that is working hard every day to make a difference in our world.


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