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Gateway 2: Homeworld Underdogs Hot
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
9.0 (2)
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Full CD-ROM version :) Must be installed in C:GW2HOME; requires LEGEND.INI (download from "Extra/Documentation" area above)
Gateway II picks up right where Legend's classic Gateway left off, with even better plot and puzzles. After retiring with fame and fortune from your last prospecting trip, an emergency meeting calls for your service again... this time to the Heechee Homeworld where you must help resurrect an ancient wise man and prevent intergalactic war. As in the first game, Gateway II faithfully captures Frederic Pohl's hard sci-fi classic, with excellent graphics and animation, well-written and engrossing plot, and many challenging by fair puzzles that involve high-tech gadgets and intution. Definitely one of the best hard sci-fi games ever made, Gateway II is a must play for every sci-fi fan.



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9.0  (2)
expat Reviewed by expat April 13, 2012
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Old Spider Reviewed by Old Spider February 15, 2010
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