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Hurdler Underdogs Hot
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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Hurdler is a very neat little action game created by KNPMaster and Master Raichu. Your goal, similar to hurdles in track & field, is to jump over obstacles and reach the yellow balloon. You control a stick figure, similar to Masashikun Hi! I reviewed earlier. Like all good action games, Hurdler is easy to learn, but hard to master - and very addictive to boot. Since the goal posts are set at different heights, it takes both careful timing and reflexes to succeed. The problem is that the stick figure guy seems to react a bit too slowly to your keypresses, which means he will probably die more than a few times before you realize how much time to give him in advance. The designers take a minimalist approach with graphics: there is almost none to speak of, and the grey backgrounds all look alike. Still, very smooth character animation and fun gameplay more than make up for this, as well as the little details that went into the game (for example, footstep sounds you hear when running on the ground). The save feature would have made the game more appealing for me, since I (as usual) never get further than a few screens. When all is said and done, though, Hurdler is a fun freeware underdog that merits a look by all fans of quirky platformers. Recommended!

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