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Orb Wars Underdogs Hot
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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Not to be confused with Simutronic's multiplayer game of the same name, Orb Wars is a fun two-player shareware "caveflyer" game with a familiar concept: two players pilot their spacecrafts and try to destroy each other. The game also includes levels where the objective is not to kill, but to finish the flying route as quickly as possible.

The game has several things going for it, even if the graphics look amateurish and you control a silver ball instead of a normal spaceship. The levels are diverse and the physics reasonably realistic. Unfortunately Orb Wars just doesn't offer the same addictiveness as AUTS or V-Wings, mostly because the levels and weapons are not as diverse as those two classics. As it stands, Orb Wars is merely a "good" caveflyer and not an "excellent" one. Try the shareware version before you decide whether or not to register it.


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