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Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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Not to be confused with a game of the same name for Spectrum/Commodore 64 computers (for a remake of that, see Deflektor on this site), Deflector is a fun and quite original 2-4 player hotseat multiplayer game that combines elements of action and strategy.

Your job is basically to make a pattern of mirrors to take out the enemies' reactors. You do this by turning various mirrors and using prisms to deflect the laser beam to the targets.

Each player has his/her cannon and shield generators somewhere on the screen. The game is turn-based, with time limit: you have approximately 30 seconds per turn to make modifications to the mirror/prism setup. In addition to standard mirrors and prisms, you can also make use of teleporters, which teleport laser beam, and scatterers, which split a beam into three separate parts. There are also "emergency mirrors" you can place anywhere you want on the screen, but you must think carefully because you have only a limited number of these special items, and it takes a few turns to place one. Once you are ready or your time runs out, everyone's cannons will fire simultaneously on the screen.

With a unique combination of strategy and action, Deflector is an ideal game for when you want a fun hotseat-only game that requires more brains than reflexes. Highly recommended, although a single-player mode would have been a big plus.


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