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Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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One of the best RPGs ever made, Betrayal at Krondor is a classic example of games that get rave reviews yet do poorly in stores (at least until it was re-released on CD-ROM).

Flat "paper-doll" digitized graphics is just about the only criticism you can level at this classic, which features an excellent plot written by best-selling fantasy author Raymond Feist (who also had considerable input in the design process), memorable characters, cool spellcasting interface, and an abundance of optional sub-quests and riddle chests. Sierra made the game freeware in 1997 to promote their own sequel Betrayal at Antara (which, without Feist' s input, is a pale shadow of its predecessor). Suffice to say that noone can claim to be an old-time RPGer if they have never set foot in Krondor :)

Note: Although the CD version is for sale for only $5 at E CD-ROM shop, it is the *cut-down*, "Sierra Classic" version that includes neither the interview with Raymond Feist nor the CD music. It also includes no manual :/ You are therefore advised to either go buy it somewhere else, or download our near-complete CD rip below.


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